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Rick Crawford

Rick has a base both in Northern Ireland and in LA. Film credits include When Life Keeps, Undercover, No Saints for Sinners, Rage, Trunk, Wild Sunflowers, Detox, and The Chronicles of Ten amongst others. Television credits include Enigma of Frank Ryan, Terriers, McMartin Pres-School Trial, and Court Martial of William Calley. Amongst Rick’s theatre credits are roles in Remembrance, The Crucible, Bury the Dead, Slumming, A Christmas Carol, Force of Change, No Second Trumpet, The Well of the Saints, and Our Town.

Rick has trained at the Clay Bank Studios in Hollywood and with the International Classical Acting Project (ICAP), and has also studied under Susan Pretez and Bruce Glover (Theater Arts), and Kerr Lordygan (Speech Mechanix). He is proficient in swimming, horseback riding, pool, and snooker, and holds US Immigration Status for Exceptional and Extraordinary Talent.

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