Project Description

Robbie Beggs

Robbie has a wide range of television, film and other credits to his name. Television credits include The Fall (Surveillance Officer), 6 Degrees (Solicitor), and Ealu (Sean Lemass; Warden Hook).

Film credits include Prick (Gerry), Three Friends (Conor), The Pigman (Ryan), The Monday Club (Bobby), Feathers (Dr Mathews), Promise You (Father), Scene Stealer (Robert), Rabbit Trap (Father), Hostage (Detective), Rescue Blues (Joe), The Shot (Keith), Remorse at Dawn (Tony), Dead On (Chief Inspector), and The Elevator (Soldier).

As his CV demonstrates, Robbie also has a number of other theatre, music video, television commercials, voiceover, and online credits.

Robbie received his Level 5 HND in Performing Arts from BMC in 2015 (passed with distinction).

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Excerpt from In the Name of the Father: