Project Description

Philip Rafferty

Philip trained at the Lyric Drama Studio, The Rainbow Factory, The Company Youth Theatre, and the Ulster Association of Youth Drama. Philip’s film and television credits include A Christmas Star (Mr Ferguson), Sparticle Mystery (Dredd), 6 Degrees (Boylo – series 1 and 2) and Scup (Anto). Theatre credits include Punch (Duffy), Julius Caesar (Brutus), Guys and Dolls (Big Julie), Something Musical (Troy), Guidelines (Various), Spring Awakening (Melchior), Good Soul of Szechuan (Shu Fu), and RENT (Collins).

Philip has skills in basic stage combat from the Academy of Performance Combat, and is proficient in playing the guitar, classical guitar and harmonica. He is also proficient in football, Gaelic, swimming, and dancing (ballet and hip-hop). Philip is also a Youth Arts Facilitator, and is Chairperson of the Company Youth Theatre.

Artist Details

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