Project Description

Adrian Cooke

Adrian trained at Queen’s University Belfast where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Drama. He went on to become a long time member of the Ulster Youth Choir, a national ensemble of Northern Ireland’s finest singers. Since then he has continued to work in theatre and film. His recent theatrical roles include Frost/Nixon (Jim Reston), Jack and the Beanstalk (The Baron/The Giant), Midsummer Night’s Dream (Oberon/Theseus/Quince), The Ford/Visteon Occupation (Sean Mallon), Foxfinder (Sam Covey), Doctor Faustus (Faustus), Aladdin (The Emperor), and The life of Galileo (Cardinal Inquisitor) for Dublin Science week. Film roles include As the Earth Turns, and Blood Sails.

Artist Details

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