Project Description

Holly Greig

Holly is an actress and performer from Belfast. She has appeared in a number of Films including the award-winning Poison Tree, There We Were, Corn & Country (USA), Homelessness, Redemption, Roses, The Circuit King, Identity, Lucky Day, and One Night. Theatre credits include Vernon God Little and Enchanted Gardens. Holly has also appeared in the DOE Road to Safety campaign (Lyle Bailie), and a number of music videos including All We Are, Fusion/Promo, Heavy Seas of Love, FOG – Paranoids, and Window Seats/Juliette’s Letter. She also has experience in voiceover, and professional role playing.

Holly performs as part of Fire Angels Entertainers, with skills in fire breathing, body burning, stilt walking, and basic trapeze. Other skills include a wide range of combat skills, archery, basic horse riding, and basic piano.

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